Learn a new skill: swimming

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As swimming is an important life skill and an enjoyable form of exercise and relaxation, it’s important to get your kids swimming as early as possible

1. Let them splash about at the beach, the local pool or in the bath.
2. Invest in buoyancy aids (see below) to help them stay afloat.
3. Challenge them to kick their legs and make the biggest possible splash.
4. Get them to move themselves through the water with their arms.
5. Show them how to use their arms and legs together.
6. Teach them to hold their breath underwater.
7. Encourage them to practise floating.
8. Demonstrate simple strokes such as front and back crawl.
9. Task them with retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool.
10. If they are really confident, teach them to dive in safe conditions.

Book some swimming lessons
Alternatively, the qualified staff at Poolside Manor can teach your children to swim. The pool has an extended shallow end to build beginner confidence and a large viewing gallery for family members.

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‘Our top-quality teachers will teach in the water until a child is confident to swim unaided,’ says spokesperson Ben Thomas. ‘Small class sizes, set by ability not age, allow us to focus on the individual needs of every child.

‘With summer just around the corner, whether you want your child to be safe on holiday or improve their swimming ability, come and see for yourself why Poolside Manor is the leading swimming tuition centre for children.’

Poolside is offering crash courses from July 18 and parent and toddler summer courses from July 29. Registration for autumn term lessons opens from July 11 for a September 3 start.

Exceptional buoyancy aids

SwimFin is a vertical buoyancy aid for children aged two and over. As well as being useful for new swimmers, SwimFin can help more experienced swimmers perfect all four strokes. It’s perfect for holidays as it is so easy to spot.


UK sales and marketing manager, Emma Gibson, says: ‘We’re excited to be giving young children and families the opportunity to learn to swim the fun way. Building water confidence in young children is so important as it is a crucial life skill. Children love to swim, and as a rule the earlier you get them into the water the better.’

Konfidence’s swim jackets are a great way to improve buoyancy and to make the learning process safer. James Thomas, operations director at Konfidence, says: ‘Learning to swim is a key life skill and we want children to feel safe and enjoy the experience so that they have a lifelong love of the water.

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‘Our adjustable buoyancy system enables wearers to gain confidence in the water at their own pace. When your child is ready to move to the next level, you can remove each of the floats so that they rely less on the buoyancy aids until – before they know it – they are swimming all by themselves!’

Visit swimfin.co.uk and konfidence.co.uk for more information and check out p9 for your chance to win these fantastic buoyancy aids!

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