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Dreamliner 1

Diono Dreamliner Travel Bassinet
I was immediately impressed by two things with the Dreamliner. Firstly, the bassinet arrives in its own carry bag. Few baby product manufacturers think beyond that moment you throw the box into the recycling and suddenly have to find a way to store everything. Secondly, it took me less than ten seconds to erect the bassinet and lay the baby down in it.

The basket is deep enough for the baby to be safely tucked down inside without taking up acres of space in the room and the mesh sides work really well for babies who like to look around. I also loved the full coverage hood with the insect net secretly folded into it. This is great in the summer for bringing the baby outside but is also brilliant if you want your little one to rest peacefully indoors away from affectionate pets and enthusiastic older children.

Dreamliner 2

The mattress is soft and comfortable. Importantly, I found that I could easily use a baby wipe to tidy up any small messes and the cover goes in the washing machine for any bigger accidents.

At £70, the Dreamliner is averagely priced for a travel bassinet, but I feel it offers more security and portability than many others on the market. As it can also be used day-to-day at home I would certainly recommend it.

5/5 stars

GiGG'L 2

GiGG’L nappies
GiGG’L is a relatively new contender in the cloth nappy world and has introduced some really forward-thinking ideas that are clearly based on personal experiences with cloth nappying. I hadn’t previously considered using cloth nappies so I was surprised to find that I enjoyed the experience.

The outer nappy comes in several bold and fun designs, which are largely gender-neutral, while the double gusset makes it nigh on impossible for leg leakages to occur. The liner comes wrapped in a microfibre pocket, which provides enough space to add another layer (included with your nappy) for extra absorption if you have a heavy wetter, as I do. The liner also has a popper to secure it to the outer nappy, which holds everything in really securely. There is also a flushable liner to make disposing of solids quicker and easier.

GiGG'L 1The nappy works from 8 to 35lbs and offers several sizing options. You can even adjust the leg stretch, which I really appreciated because my little boy has chunky thighs and nappies often sit tightly on him. A newborn size is also available.

My favourite element is the absorbency, as leaky nappies are a nightmare. However, I have found that they give my baby a bigger behind than a disposable nappy, which can make pulling his trousers up a bit testing.

Overall, I have definitely been converted and would recommend GiGG’L nappies to an sceptics as they are much easier to use than others I have encountered.

5/5 stars

Product reviewer Claire-Marie Lewis spends hours trawling the internet for safe, stylish products that her children will love, before explaining to their daddy why these items are absolutely necessary!

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