Exciting new food education campaign launches

Innocent's "Sow & Grow" Winners AnnouncedAn exciting new initiative designed to encourage young children to learn about the importance of eating healthy has launched! A study of 1,500 parents with young children revealed that 55% feel the best way learn about healthy eating is to grow their own fruit and vegetables in the classroom and at home.

The survey was carried out by innocent drinks, which has partnered with not-for-profit organisation GIY (Grow-It-Yourself) to launch this year’s Sow & Grow campaign, which will reach 25% of UK primary schools and get children engaged in healthy eating.

Michael Kelly, founder of social enterprise GIY, said: “It’s a fact that food growers have a better understanding of nutrition and eat more fruit and veg. Over the years, we have repeatedly seen how even the simplest food-growing experience can make children passionate about what they eat, and help them develop a greater understanding and ‘food empathy.’

“That’s why today, innocent and GIY launch our Sow & Grow campaign; encouraging school kids across the UK to get outside, stick their hands in some soil and learn about the benefits of healthy eating.  Sow & Grow is all about trying to create a healthier, happier future for the children taking part. We want everyone to have those all-important memories of growing their own.”

Hannah Wright, a teacher at Horsenden Primary in Greenford, said: “We know that not everyone is able to grow at home and we know how hard it can be to include food education into the school day. I encourage every school to request a pack and get involved!”

Sim Viney, brand manager at innocent, said: “We know that children who grow their own food are more likely to eat fruit and veg, and that kids who develop healthy habits at a young age are more likely to become healthy adults.  So we’ve started a campaign called Sow & Grow, , which will get a quarter of all primary school kids growing veg in their classrooms, and learning where their food comes from. We’re hoping the campaign itself will grow in future years – our ultimate goal is to get every primary school child in the country to experience growing their own veg.”

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