About Us

Today’s Child was conceived to fill a gap in the market for a quality, entertaining publication full of practical information, resources and advice on the real issues that matter to parents and carers.

The whole family – from parents and grandparents to the extended support group of teachers and carers – can pick up a quality, entertaining publication free of charge, filled cover to cover with unbiased, thought-provoking articles and relevant information to assist them as they tackle the greatest and most challenging job of all: nurturing and inspiring children!

We offer advice, information and support on a plethora of issues that affect our children every day, from health and wellbeing to fun ideas for holiday activities, local community information, nutritional advice and much more. Our aim is to inform, support, entertain and touch parents and carers as they learn and grow in their roles as guardians and discover innovative, fun ways to enhance their children’s lives. Written by a highly qualified team of mums and dads, who have all navigated the roller coaster ride that is being a parent, our editorial content ensures the publication is not only a fantastic, entertaining read, but also tackles parenting issues with sensitivity and respect.

Honesty, responsibility, integrity and an awareness of community spirit are fundamental to every issue, with a child’s wellbeing the priority above all else.

  • Frequency:   Bi-Monthly
  • Circulation:    20,000
  • Region:         North London
  • Price:            Free